How To Love

Accepting those you love for who they truly are, is the foundation for true love.

It is necessary that you truly accept yourself before you can accept another, for love is both giving and receiving. If you cannot love your self, how are you to love another?

Love is to be shared and treasured: A hidden gem is the same as a lost one

An intimate love and real relationship is more than mutual attraction. You have to suit or balance one another, as well as feel comfortable with each other in conversation and in ALL of life for example: not only to make love to, or just to be unconditional friends with.

1. Empathize

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Rather than strive to control them, or impose your own expectations upon them,

  • try to understand how they feel,
  • where they come from and want to go,
  • who they are
  • and how they also, love you .

2. Love unconditionally

Love given without expectations is given unconditionally. Love received in the same is given with unconditional love. Hence, loving without expectations is loving unconditionally.

Do not make the mistake in thinking that giving love unconditionally means they are your mate, or that unconditional love means you should allow someone to mistreat or undervalue you as there is no complete love if you do not love yourself too.

If your love for the other has stipulations attached or is rooted on how one or the other can enhance the other’s life, then it called controlling or opportunism, not love.

If you are not allowing that person to be themselves, or are not accepting them as they are instead of who you want them to be, then you are not striving to love them unconditionally.

Realize that people sometimes have different way(s) of showing love; do not expect to be loved back in exactly the same way that you show love. Try loving just for loving’s sake.

3. Express It

Say it and mean it. Try it now: Say the words I Love You.

Does it ring with the desire to show someone you love them, or does it just say the words you want to feel or think that the other person wants to hear?

Don’t be ashamed to tell anyone that you love your friends as much as you love anyone else in your life.

Show it in actions

4. Value It.

Realize that it can be lost. If you realize that you can lose the one you love, then you have a greater appreciation of what you have. Think how lucky you are to have someone to love.

Things To Remember

Men and women may be equal in value but different by nature. Just because their natures are different, does not make one right or wrong. It is important to value individuality that is the encompassing feature that the both like about each other.

  1.  It does not make you unlovable, nor an unloved person, to love and not have it returned in the same way. It is incorrect to blame others for who you think they should be, or for your own feelings. Let others be free just as you need to be for love.
  2.  At times, we may compare or fear love. Love genuinely instead. Do not compare yourself or your mate, or your feelings now to what your feelings were when you were with another mate.
  3.  Don’t ask for love. You should receive love because your partner wants to give you love – not because you want it from your partner.
  4. Do not force love – it will come in good time, it will come.
  5. Express love undeniably?: Yes! Smother?: No!